5 Reasons Why You May Need Braces

Fort Worth, TX Dentist

Do you smile with closed lips? Do you cover your mouth when you laugh? Although many people have crooked teeth, you should see our orthodontist if your teeth are causing pain or confusion. Braces straighten your teeth, correct bite problems and improve the overall appearance of your smile. Best of all, braces provide results that last a lifetime. Keep reading for 5 reasons why you might need braces. We also explain what types of braces in Fort Worth our orthodontists may recommend.


Do your lower teeth sometimes bite into the roof of your mouth or do they disappear completely when you bite? You may suffer from a severe overbite. If left untreated, severe overbites can cause damage to gums and front teeth. No matter your age, our orthodontists can improve the appearance of your smile by correcting overbites. However, you should know that overbites in children are easier to treat because their jaws are not fully grown, making orthodontic treatment easier.

2.) Underbite

When you smile, do your front lower teeth overlap your front upper teeth? If so, our orthodontists may be able to treat your underbite. Underbites increase the risk of oral injury and can be especially dangerous when eating or speaking. Do not hesitate to contact us if you believe you have an underbite. Our orthodontic team is more than qualified to achieve a smile that makes your teeth shine.

3.) Open Bite

Smile in front of the mirror. Is there a visible gap between the upper and lower teeth? It can be the case of an open bite. Patients suffering from an open bite often have difficulty eating or speaking properly. They may also have embarrassing habits like sticking their tongue out. If you have a loose bite, our dentist in Fort Worth can correct your smile with orthodontic treatment that includes traditional metal braces.

4.) Spacing

Are your teeth misaligned, creating wide? cracks in your smile? This can be due to relatively small teeth compared to the rest of the mouth, or even no teeth at all. At Prestige Dental, we can help you restore your smile. Closing wide gaps in your smile may seem like a cosmetic problem. However, it can help you protect your oral health. If your teeth are spaced far apart, food particles can get stuck in the gums and build up, causing bad breath, cavities and other dental problems.

5.) Overcrowding

This is one of the most common reasons for seeking orthodontic treatment. If your mouth feels like there isn’t enough room for all of your teeth, you may have a crowding problem that causes your teeth to overlap. Correcting filled teeth can do wonders to improve the appearance of your smile. Correcting filled teeth can also help prevent cavities. Plaque likes to hide where the toothbrush bristles can’t reach. Plaque cannot be hidden as easily in straight teeth.