Dental Implants Procedure


One of the most detrimental issues to oral health is tooth loss. Regretfully, it is also a rather typical dental issue. Thankfully, patients have a variety of treatment choices to choose from when tooth loss does occur.

The most successful tooth replacement procedure is Teeth Implants Fort Worth, which we provide at Prestige Dental. Dental implants are tiny titanium screws that form a strong and solid bond with the patient’s jawbone to support a variety of dental restorations.

However, the development and refinement of dental implant therapy took ages. Patients at our Prestige Dental can count themselves fortunate to be able to take advantage of this ground-breaking treatment for tooth loss, especially given the lengthy history of dental implants.


Previous Tooth Loss Treatments


Tooth loss is not a recent development in dental care, even though dental implants might be. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that people in ancient civilizations were concerned about tooth loss. Additionally, there is proof that attempts were made to deal with this issue.

Depending on the time and place of life, early tooth loss treatments vary, but some of the materials used to replace lost teeth were bamboo, bones, animal or human teeth, and different metals.


Finding Out About Osseointegration

Dental procedures improved and people’s knowledge of oral health grew over the ages. People experimented with various dental implant materials for hundreds of years, but they were unable to discover the perfect match.


The body rejecting foreign items and instability were the main issues. The osseointegration process was not discovered until 1952 by an orthopedic physician.

When Per-Ingvar Brånemark inserted a titanium cylinder into a rabbit bone, he was studying blood flow and bone repair. Upon concluding the study, he attempted to remove the cylinder but was unsuccessful. The titanium had become embedded in the rabbit bone as a result of the bone’s growth around it.


While the purpose of the study was not to find the osseointegration process, Dr. Brånemark saw the potential benefits of this fusion in various medical specialties, including dentistry.


The Initial Dental Implant


One significant development in the history of dental implant therapy was the finding of osseointegration. It was proposed that an implant, which is a metal screw that serves as a substitute tooth root, may be secured in place using the same fusion technique.

The first dental implant was inserted into a willing human subject in 1965. Following the procedure’s success, dental implant design and technique rapidly advanced and improved.


The modern dental implant used by Dentist in Fort Worth is a little titanium screw that is inserted into the jawbone after surgery. This screw is fastened to a tiny metal abutment, which is subsequently fastened to a dental restoration, when the patient has had time to heal and allow osseointegration to take place.


Dentures, dental bridges, or dental crowns can all be secured in place by dental implants. Because of the dental implant’s support, all of these restorations are more cozy and stable.